David, Baton Rouge LA

Hi my name is David Scotton! I want to hear your Parker Avenue Story.  I live and go to school in Baton Rouge, LA.  






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Name: Danny

Message: Thank God for you and your forgiving heart. Please don’t stop this movement and maybe we can someday stop the killing of the unborn. Thank you for making this public. My birth Mother was handicapped. She had Grand Mal Elipsey seizures and was raped at age 17. She made the decision to not Abort or adopt me out but raised me. I thanked God and my Mother everyday for life. We were very poor but she taught me about Jesus at a very young age. I grew up to serve our Country during the Vietnam era for 4 years and then served the State of Texas as a Police Officer for over 40 years. Thank you and your director and everyone involved in this film.

Name: Pam

Message: I am a birth mother. Just celebrated my daughter's 34th birthday. After she turned 19, we met for the first time. This was such an emotional time. "How would she receive me?" "Would her parents like me?" ....and alot more quesitons went through my mind. AND then the day of meeting happened. We both had 'VERY Similar Voices'. The others at our meeting day, had to look to see if my daughter was speaking or if it was me. Her daddy told me as he hugged me good bye that day.... 'she has been a blessing to us all these years, now she can be a blessing to you too'. And there the story begins.

Name: Samantha

Message: David, I saw your story this morning on Fox and it brought me to tears. 4 years ago I made the choice to place my son Matthew into another family's arms. It was the hardest decision I have ever made, and probably will ever make in my life. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wasn't prepared to give him the life he deserved and each time I met a potential family, I was honest with them about the relationship I hoped to have with my son one day. I see Matthew once a year on his birthday and he is now old enough where he knows "Mommy Samantha". I have been working with Crisis Pregnancy centers for the last 2 years in the DC area and now in Nashville, TN meeting with women, letting them know about my experience, and that adoption is another choice. So many women think parenting and abortion are their only choices but I have gained an entire new prospective on life, adoption, and the "unconventional" way of making a family. I reach such a small group day to day but I hope I can continue to impact and make a difference, even in just 1 woman's life. Thank you for sharing your story; I would love to somehow be a part of it too to spread the awareness of adoption. Thank you!

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Name: John

Message: I was adopted in in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have always felt blessed by my birth mother for her strength and courage. Even though I was conceived years before Roe V Wade, I can only imagine the difficulties and feeling for being ostracized by her family, friend, and the community. I thank and pray for her often. As for my adoptive parents, I have nothing but love and honor for them. My birth mother gave me life, my parent gave me breath, strength, and above all love. From the time I was told I was adopted I have felt that it is my job to honor and respect the name, Danneker, the name my parents gave to me. Thank you for the opportunity to voice a small portion of my life and story. Blessing and success for all you are doing.

Name: Caroline

Message: Hi! Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you what it means to me just to have watched the trailer for this! I cried. I was adopted when I was 4 days old in Houston, TX. My birth parents were young, 17 and 19 and my birth mother knew she couldn't give me the life she wanted me to have. My parents kept in touch with her over the years and I got to meet her when I turned 18. We are really good friends now and more like sisters. We are both extremely prolife and we both feel so called to share our story with others at a much bigger level than just conversations with others in passing (this is like a tiny version of our story...there is so much more!). Thanks for sharing your story with the world! -Caroline