I Lived on Parker Avenue is available for free viewing on our homepage through an embed YouTube video.  Joie De Vivre Media intends for the film to remain on the site for free in perpetuity (Joie De Vivre Media reserves the right to change this plan if necessary).  DVDs are also available for purchase.

Groups are encouraged to show the film through the online film or the DVD.  For our records, we would LOVE for you to share with us how many people saw the film and any feedback from your screening!  Complete the "Group Screening Feedback Form" found by clicking this link.

Groups can request movie posters and other promotional items for film events by emailing 

If you would like to request a member of the I Lived on Parker Avenue team to speak at your screening or to speak at another event, you can do so using the form below.  Members of our film team include: main film subject David Scotton, Executive Producer Benjamin Clapper, Director Philip Braun, film subject Melissa Coles, and film subject Susan Scotton.

Generally, we ask that an organization / group / school at least cover the travel costs for members of our team to attend your event.  Speaker honorariums may be required.  We ask that you send us the details using the form below and we will consider on an individual basis.

Thanks for your willingness to help reclaim the beauty of adoption!

About Speakers for I Lived on Parker Avenue:

David Scotton: 

David Scotton was placed for adoption in Louisiana after his mother, Melissa Coles, left an Indiana abortion clinic in 1993.  At the age of 19, David decided he wanted to meet his biological family he’s never known to thank them for giving him life and choosing adoption. David is the subject of I Lived on Parker Avenue (ILOPA), produced by Joie De Vivre Media and Philip Braun Productions, LLC,  which shows that journey to meet his birth parents. David travels from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

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Click here to read David's full biography and learn more about scheduling him to speak.


Melissa Coles is David's birthmother who courageously walked out of the abortion facility and lovingly placed David for adoption.  Melissa lives outside Indianapolis and travels from Indianapolis. She was featured on Fox & Friends in February. Melissa requires expenses and travel for 2 from Indianapolis, and her honorarium is between $1,500 and $2,500. Contact us at for more information.

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Susan Scotton

Susan Scotton is David's adoptive mother and speaks frequently about infant adoption and other pro-life topics. She adopted David as an infant and raised him with her husband, Jim Scotton in New Orleans. Susan travels from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Benjamin Clapper

Benjamin Clapper is the Executive Producer of I Lived on Parker Avenue and the Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life.  Benjamin first proposed the idea for the film to David. Click here to read his full biography. Benjamin travels from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Philip Braun

Philip Braun is the Director of I Lived on Parker Avenue and the film is his documentary debut. Philip's artistic vision and skill created I Lived on Parker Avenue to what it is today.  Philip travels from New Orleans, Louisiana.