Whether during National Adoption Month in November, or any time of the year in the classroom, on a school retreat, or a special program, we encourage you to use the inspiring short-film I Lived on Parker Avenue in your school or youth group to share the beauty of adoption and the value of every human life! Check out this video that shows just a few clips of how the film has impacted high school audiences!

Here are some resources you can use!

  • STREAM THE FILM: First, the film is FREE to stream online, whether one person is watching or 1,000. Visit our homepage to show the film to your students.

  • BUY THE DVD IF NEEDED: If you need the DVD, you can purchase it now for just $10 + shipping. Buy the DVD now. The DVD does contain extra bonus scenes not included online.

  • REQUEST A TEAM MEMBER: If you would like to request a member of the I Lived on Parker Avenue team to speak at your school for an assembly or another event, you can do so by visiting our “team requests” page.  Members of our film team include: main film subject David Scotton, Executive Producer Benjamin Clapper, Director Philip Braun, film subject Melissa Coles, and film subject Susan Scotton.

  • SCHOOL GUIDE: Download this SCHOOL GUIDE for an overview of the film, example ways to use the film in classrooms and assemblies, discussion questions, statistics, and more.

  • BOOKLET: When we present I Lived on Parker Avenue to a school, we like to use this attached booklet as a guide to discuss some important points about adoption. It includes statistics about adoption and other simple information about adoption that many people do now know. Download it and use as you would like!

  • VIDEO FROM DAVID TO STUDENTS: The video below is a great option to show to students AFTER they have viewed I Lived on Parker Avenue. The video includes a thank you from David, a discussion of adoption statistics, and an encouragement to share the film’s message. You can either stream the video online to your students, or download it and play it. Visit the Vimeo page for the video.

  • NEED MOVIE POSTERS? Groups can request movie posters and other promotional items for film events by emailing 

Thanks for your willingness to help reclaim the beauty of adoption!