Friends - Help us Promote I Lived on Parker Avenue!  Shareable Images Below.

Dear friends and organizations -

Please do not share this page publicly.  It is a resource to help you share the message of I Lived on Parker Avenue!

On Thursday night, March 8, I Lived on Parker Avenue, our inspiring short documentary film about adoption, will be released FOR FREE at 8 PM EST at  The film will remain at that site for viewing in perpetuity through an embedded YouTube video.

It is our hope that this film will go viral across our world and help reclaim the beauty of adoption. I Lived on Parker Avenue also impresses on viewers in a profound yet subtle way the irreplaceable value of every human life.

Could you and your organization help us spread the word Thursday night or Friday about this special film?

Here are two key ways you can help:

  • Send An Email: Please consider sending an email to your list about the availability of I Lived on Parker Avenue.  Remember, the film is free to view.  You can even embed the YouTube video on a page on your website and drive people to that link.
  • Promote on Social Media: Please help us inundate social media with the beautiful message of I Lived on Parker Avenue.  We will have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  We encourage you to help.
    • Hashtags: Please use #ILivedOnParkerAve and #adoption
    • Posts: Of course, we can give you sample posts, but the best post is one that comes from your heart.  But here are some samples.
      • Wow! What a beautiful 30-minute film about the beauty of adoption!  Watch it for free NOW at at!! #adoption #ILivedonParkerAve
      • "David was seconds, literally, from not being here..."  Follow David's journey.  Watch I Lived on Parker Avenue for FREE right now at! #adoption #ILivedonParkerAve
      • "The most important thing I can do in my entire lifetime is thank them for making that decision." Follow David's journey.  Watch I Lived on Parker Avenue for FREE at! #adoption #ILivedonParkerAve
      • Watch David's journey to meet the parents he's never known. I Lived on Parker Avenue is free to watch right now at!  #adoption #ILivedonParkerAve

Please use this film within your organization as a tool to inspire generations with the beauty of adoption!


Ben Clapper
Executive Producer, I Lived on Parker Avenue

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